More attached to Content Is King

See the other 2 posts before reading this one.  Content is King Assignment tie in.

Please design your questions using the assignment parameters.  Come up with relevant, non boring questions.  Good questions will help you write an interesting post.
If you need content for your WP post, consider using a Q&A style for some of the writing.  It might make the writing and word count easier and your content more interesting.
Again mine are designed based on the documentary.  Obviously it’s unlikely I will get any official answers.

Photo: Carlo Allegri /AP


Ron was known for sending letters to celebrities and in most cases the celebrities were unlikely to respond. We will see if my tweets or these posts get a response from the Galella camp. As a famous retiree, I doubt Ron will see these.  At the very least I hope his staff find the posts and tweets amusing.

List of ‘Interview Questions’ for Ron Galella based on his documentary:

  1. If Smash His Camera is ever re-released, what kind of updates would be included?
  2. Would the bonus image section be re-done to have labels, so those of us from younger generations have the names of celebrities?
  3. In the documentary, Mrs. Galella does an excellent job negotiating a rate for Ron over the phone. She is polite, yet direct and to the point. What business advice would she give students?
  4. Have you moved important files out of the electrical room?
    FYI – From a conservation & archival point of view, my husband and I were on the edge of our seats during these scenes! We like your work and want it preserved.
  5. Have you been approached or considered what museum to donate your football helmet, tape measure, decorated camera straps and 70’s suit to?
  6. Any idea why I can’t find pictures on Google of Ron Galella in the decorated suit he wore on jobs during the 1970’s?
  7. Any plans to turn the Galella palace in to a museum, similar to Graceland?
  8. I don’t recall much Elvis in the documentary. How much is in the Elvis file? Do you have, what you would consider, any good shots?
  9. Have animal welfare organizations thanked you for raising awareness about what great pets rabbits can be?
  10. Were you ever approached by a celebrity and asked to follow them for a period of time to help them raise their profile? If yes, would you have considered it unethical to your ‘art’? If no, describe the circumstances.

That’s all.  But maybe it should be noted, the list of questions makes more sense after seeing the documentary?


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