Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

Time, Space and Household Hazardous Waste
Time, Space and Household Hazardous Waste

Here is my shot for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge Feb 5 -11, 2016.

This image is called “Time, Space and Household Hazardous Waste”.  It’s printed 20×20 with pigment ink on cotton rag.
At the time my artwork involved studying photographically, regular household garbage, recycling and hazardous waste. Basically all the aftermath, of regular household consumption of anything and everything.

I hadn’t made arrangements to dispose of all my batteries for quite some time. Photographer’s using flash can go through quite a few double AA’s. Unfortunately the flash recycle time slows significantly with rechargeable ones. Some of my husband’s stuff eats batteries too. When I came up with the idea to create a clock out of my used batteries, it took quite a bit of planning. I quickly figured I needed more to make the shape. I contacted friends with kids, as toys are known for eating batteries. The smaller ones came from old film cameras I had, some watches and a store for the rest. Believe it or not I used Adobe Illustrator to help with all the math involved to come up with the dimensions for the clock.  I needed dimensions before attempting the shoot.  I was limited with where I could set up the camera for height, which then determined the lens I needed.

I shot is at a friends place. The shooting itself was quick, but making the clock was not. Dirtiest photo shoot ever! Dead batteries are disgusting! After this shoot I fully understand why batteries should never be thrown out in the garbage.

It doesn’t take long to create garbage but it takes time and effort to get rid of it.


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