Week 4 – Google Plus and FB

This week we will look at the two social media sites and opportunities available for promotion. Let’s see Facebook, Google Plus, Google Plus, Facebook???

Photographers / videographers need to make their images available for others to see.  There are over 300 million photos added to Facebook each day.  Google Plus has 200 million added every day.  There is a crazy amount of images for people to see and download.

On his Facebook account Barack Obama posted an image of him hugging Michelle with the caption “Four more years!”
The stats say it all. Over 4.4 million likes and half a million shares. Of course it helps your stats if you are famous!  We can only hope for this to happen to one of our own images.

Your assignment asks you to create a post based on a National Geographic Photographer.  See the list on D.C. Connect.  Work in pairs.  Research the same photographer together, but make sure you both have WP posts for your sites. 
For the DC Connect discussion comments about the photographer’s FB fan page, list both of your names.  You will see a sample post about Steve McCurry.  Obviously Steve is not on the list.

Feel free to check out this short video, where Steve shares some tips about composition.  I think the videographers in the class will like the production quality.


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