My tech tweet for class

Bacardi building, Santiago Cuba
Bacardi building, Santiago Cuba – Fuji Film Simulation Mode – ‘Vivid’

Let’s talk a bit of tech. Pro’s, students and amateurs always love talking tech. It’s a common thing to check out each other’s gear when a camera bag is around or to talk about a new product development.

What’s in my ‘fashionable’ giant camera bag? I am still giggling about the class comment my Crumpler looks like a giant purse … Awesome! Exactly why I bought it – it doesn’t scream out ‘camera bag’.  Depending on what kind of locations you frequent when you work or travel, that feature is worth considering.

Since I am sharing, and we are talking tech, these days my bag is packed with Fuji gear. Awhile ago I purchased a Fuji Xpro1. It’s a mirrorless camera.  It’s been a bit of a joke among some other teachers in the Photo Department at D.C., as we are a ‘Canon school’.  I like Canon, but my Fuji has some fun features like film simulation modes, the retro look and it’s smaller size compared with a dSLR is practical for some of the places I go.

Fuji announced the Xpro2 and it’s been trending quite a bit in recent weeks. Pre-ordering has started in Canada.  The camera seems to be getting good reviews and Fuji has added more film simulation modes. Conveniently  Henry’s recently sent their e-newsletter, announcing the camera will be available soon and they have a trade in offer. I am thinking about taking advantage of the deal next month before it expires.

What tech things are on your minds? If nothing, find something quick! You need to tweet about something tech today. See instructions on DC Connect.


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