WEEK 3 | Twitter

This week we will enter the world of micro-blogging; it is all about Twitter. 140 Characters to Fame!

Basically a text message to the world, or least your followers might read it.

Although the 140 character limit might be changing … check out these articles to see what may or may not lie ahead.  See the ReCode Article.
After the ReCode article, check this one out from CBC
And now this one.  Sina Weibo

OK Tweeple (Twitter People) once you have your new DC Twitter account set up go on a “Friendapalooza” by “Friendscapping”, make sure you include me and I will follow you in return.

Now that you have your DC Twitter account set up and friends added, let me know what you think about these twitter rumours.  Leave your comments about those articles here.
Don’t be afraid to do some online detective work and see what Twitter has to say about these word count rumours.


7 thoughts on “WEEK 3 | Twitter

  1. I think that what Sina Weibo is doing is very user-friendly and shows that they care about the se experience. I do think that twitter should follow their lead because people have been wanting this change to be made for years, and it would definitely be a step in the right direction. 140 characters is not always enough space to get an important message across.


  2. I feel that the 140 character limit is already as useful as it is. Its enough for you to get your point across, and enough to keep your audience attached and not get bored out by a fairly long post.


  3. On regards of changing the Twitter count to 10,000 characters I think that it is not a very good idea. 140 characters is a perfect amount that it can fit enough in and it is not too long that people will get bored of reading it.


  4. 140 Character is enough for Twitter. I believe that Twitter would be going down hill by the 10,000 words because the 140, get to the point is what makes Twitter such a great network


  5. When it comes to social media, a lot of users fill their pages with unwanted clutter. Twitter, has been a refreshing, light, source of online media. Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack, in the CBC article states that the 140 character limit, “inspires creativity and brevity.” While I agree with that statement, I do feel like adding a little leeway to the character limit might be a positive change for the site. That being said, a ten-thousand character limit is a bit over the top. If Twitter was to try a 200 character limit, and remove links and photo attachments as characters, it may find more success. Twitter has already included a ‘tag’ option instead of the traditional ‘@’ mentions that take up tweet space. I am very interested to see what Twitter has in store for us, and how Twitter users will react to the changes to come.


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